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Patricia Nah (Roche) is a Singaporean artist who loves life, nature, and the bright side of the human spirit.


She specialises in nature and landscape art, focusing on all that she loves i.e. water, clouds, mountains, the seasons and more.


Her awe-inspiring works of art emanate a healing energy.


Patricia's works of art are found in many  private collections worldwide.  She has participated in several Chinese painting exhibitions. In 2014, she was selected from an international group of professional artists in the Win Win Circle for her 1st solo exhibition in Amsterdam. The artist has been featured on Singapore Radio 98.5 and in publications such as Elle and World Fine Art Professional. She studied under the tutelage of Chinese master painters including Lim Choon Jit and many renowned artists in Singapore. 


Patricia continues to paint together with writing and is a practicing Kinergetics and Integrated Healing Practitioner. 


Cruise through her portfolio and view her artistic journey. Limited pieces including prints are for sale and personalized commissions accepted. 


All enquiries, please contact Patricia here


What inspires Pat?


" The universe, colour and movements, light and dark, shadows, energy, nature, other artist's work, poetry, photography, design, music, all things beautiful"





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