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Her Story

She grew up in what she calls 'a time of silence'.  'From silence came my own World of words, music, dreams and yes at times, images of horror that stay with me. As an artistic and sensitive child, it was challenging growing up as part of a generation in a country where art and freedom of expression were not appreciated. Freedom of expression is important to me in whatever form it takes. As it’s difficult sometimes to express inner imaginings in words, I choose to express myself through my art.


I prefer to paint the brighter side of things and not to express a state of horror on a blank canvas that has to be looked at forever.’

(Above) Pat ‘s latest painting ‘Phoenix Rising’ joins her Ascension series ‘Soultree’ and Ascension.  ‘I feel I have come full cycle towards the Autumn of my years. Coming to terms and rising again.


‘Come ascend with me as I rise with wings unfold into sacred waters I dive, into sacred sky I fly”.

wings unfold.jpg

Wings Unfold


Wings Unfold” Patricia expresses her interest in energy and movement. ‘The 'birds' represent my belief in freedom for all beings. Accidental strokes of soft white feels like angels' wings. Wings folding, unfolding … comforting … wings flying free, singing their freedom song.’


Patricia was born into an artistic family. Her father, Lawrence Nah, was an English and Art teacher. Her mother, Cecilia, a master seamstress and craftswoman.  When not painting, Pat also dabbles with ceramics. 

A tiny house on a rocky mountain

Patricia's personal and artistic philosophies are intertwined. ‘I believe in 'One Day'. I remember hanging up my dreams after my father passed away, then one fine day, I just picked them up again.


One Day, I'll fly​

One Day, I'll exhibit

One day, I'll...


It's amazing how many One days we can fulfill. 


In some of her paintings, you might pick out a teddy bear, a tiny house on a rocky mountain-  all her favourite things.

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